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101 Things to Do in Madrid (Before you Die…?!)

I’m not sure you need to worry about the ‘before you die’ bit, but has put together an interesting list of what you should get up to in the city… Click here to go to the list in Spanish If you want the hit and miss Google translate version (for example, no. 5 Riding [...]

An Eye for the Random

Recuerdos a Olvidar is an interesting Madrid blog full of photos of the bizarre details that we pass subconsciously on our daily trips across the city. Worth a look…

Great Madrid Bits from the Web

I’ve got a couple of Madrid-related things here that have caught my eye recently. 1. Madrid Me Mata has provided us with a great resource: a map of all free WiFi hotspots in Madrid. Obviously the guys at MMM need our help, so if you know of a place with free WiFi, you can add [...]

You Can Get it for Free (in Madrid)

There are tons of free things to take advantage of in Madrid, but this post goes beyond the normal standbys of parks, museums during certain hours and public healthcare. If you are hunting down frugal activities in the city, be on the lookout for the phrase, “entrada libre hasta completar el aforo,” free entrance until [...]

Speaking Like a True Madrileño!

How would you like to speak Spanish just like the local Madrileños next time you are in town? Well, over at we’ve been collecting the real Spanish phrases used on a day to day basis by the inhabitants of this fine city, and at last we’ve sifted, ordered, compiled and recorded them so that [...]

Top 5 Seasonal Pastries in Madrid

Spanish pastries are here to tempt you year-round, with the chocolate napolitanas of La Mallorquina or the chocolate con churros at Chocolatería San Ginés, for example. But their scale-tipping powers become even harder to resist around holidays. At these times, be prepared to either let out the belt a notch or hit the gym a [...]

Madrid Institutions: The Churrería

Photo: Antonio finishes a long morning of churro-making. There are few things more castizo—authentic—in this city than a breakfast of chocolate con churros. Though these fried delights are a staple at neighborhood bars around Madrid, they are rarely made in the bar itself. Instead, bars depend on regular deliveries from the diminishing number of churrerías [...]

The Fine Art of Parking in Madrid #1

Madrid, where the needs of the pedestrian always come first

Dear Mr Mayor of Madrid

Dear Mr Gallardon, First of all I’m writing to say that I hope that grumpy old git Rajoy doesn’t kick you out of your job later this year (in fact I particularly hope that HE gets kicked out of a job instead – he really is the most odious, obnoxious politician I have ever come [...]

Top 5 Places to Find a Madrileño in January

The holidays are over and it´s time to buckle down and achieve those New Years Resolutions. If one of yours is to meet more locals, these tips will help you along the way. Shopping – With the massive rebajas (sales) in every store, you´re certain to pick up a new friend as easily as you [...]

Madrid iFAQ – Do they enforce the drinking age in Madrid?

At the tender age of 23 I was carded while waiting to get into a disco. I didn’t have my ID with me and, although my three Spanish companions all proved they were pushing 30 and I insisted that my red metro pass meant I was at least 20, in the end I was denied [...]

Avoid: El Corte Inglés – Service with a Scowl

I try to boycott this poor excuse for a department store, but a few months ago I happened to be in El Corte Inglés getting some help with my tax return (a free service that I urge residents to exploit). Passing the make-up section with a softened heart, I decided to buy a mascara. Until [...]

Underground Parking Lot Cult

Not owning a driving license, let alone a car, I was not planning on visiting any underground parking lot until my Asian friend pushed me down a flight of stairs on Plaza de España. The particularly unappealing walkway at the bottom actually leads past a couple of holes in the wall, one of which is [...]

Avoid: Eating and drinking in the Plaza Mayor

The view might be pretty special, but the food served up on the terraces of the Plaza Mayor is far from it… It’s ridiculously expensive, low-quality, and loveless. Save your money and check out some of the great places for lunch near the Plaza Mayor, or wander five minutes down the road to the wonderful [...]

Madrid Nightlife Survival Kit – Top 5 Items to Slip in Your Pocket

For a typical night out most Madrileños leave home with at least three things in hand – keys, cell phone, and Metro pass. No wallet, you ask? The monthly Metro pass, conveniently made up of a flexible card slipped into a plastic sleeve, serves as a perfect catch-all for your marcha necessities. Here are the [...]