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An Evening on the Terrazas

The weather in Madrid has taken a turn towards summer and streets throughout the city have sprouted terrazas. You can surely find a sunny spot for a drink and a snack near your apartment or hotel, but there are two streets in Madrid that truly are prime for dining and drinking al fresco. Starting at [...]

La Sal: A Post-Park or Prado Treat

What better to follow a vigorous walk in Madrid’s Retiro than a glass of good wine and a selection of delicious tapas? The barrio to the east of the park is replete with eating options but (if you don’t have the heart or wallet for the Ritz) you’d be forgiven for thinking that the area [...]

Dear Mr Mayor of Madrid

Dear Mr Gallardon, First of all I’m writing to say that I hope that grumpy old git Rajoy doesn’t kick you out of your job later this year (in fact I particularly hope that HE gets kicked out of a job instead – he really is the most odious, obnoxious politician I have ever come [...]

A Tale of Two Parks – Retiro on a weekday morning and on Sunday afternoon

On everyone’s list of must-sees in Madrid is El Parque del Buen Retiro. But when should you visit? A leisurely stroll through the Retiro on a Tuesday morning is a completely different experience than joining the masses on a Sunday afternoon. Wander through the park on a weekday morning and you’ll likely find yourself alone [...]

Never Too Late for Ice Cream in Madrid!

Although the long days of summer are beginning to come to an end, don’t pull out that coat just yet. We all know the heat can return at any moment, so there’s still time for a cold, sweet treat. Over on the east side of El Retiro you can find one of the best ice [...]