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An Evening on the Terrazas

The weather in Madrid has taken a turn towards summer and streets throughout the city have sprouted terrazas. You can surely find a sunny spot for a drink and a snack near your apartment or hotel, but there are two streets in Madrid that truly are prime for dining and drinking al fresco. Starting at [...]

A Drink with a View: Rooftop Terrazas and Bars

Madrid is known for its sunny, chattering terrazas—open patios that cafés typically operate April through October. Even more special are rooftop terrazas. Madrid has no skyline to speak of, but its buildings are still tall enough to hide you from the stares of passers-by and give you a unique view of the city. Here, then, [...]

Madrid Neighbourhoods: La Latina – Madrid at its Most Happening

You can think of La Latina as Lavapiés’ more stylish older sister. The neighborhood is one of the most lively in Madrid thanks to the combination of a high concentration of good tapas bars and a young, modern crowd. And it’s happening at about any time of the week. Sundays may be La Latina’s busiest [...]

Plaza Dos de Mayo – The Real Thing!

If you’ve ever gone searching for a truly Madrid part of Madrid—with a bit of history, a decent serving of grit, and lots of character—look no further than the heart of Malasaña. There you’ll find the storied Plaza del Dos de Mayo, which, from its tumultuous beginnings two centuries ago to its infamous recent history, [...]

Great Madrid Bars: Taberna Tirso de Molina, relax after the Rasto

So you have spent Sunday morning on the steep slopes of El Rastro. You have been all the way to the bottom and now you have climbed back to the top again. You have enjoyed browsing around the stalls, if not the crush of people and having to keep a wary eye out for pick-pockets. [...]

Escape the Sol: explore bars and nightlife on its side streets

The Puerta del Sol can be one of the most avoidable places in Madrid—what with its tourists, ear-splitting construction racket and general bustle. Steer clear of the Puerta del Sol itself and the streets north, between Sol and Gran Vía, which are teeming with commercial glut—from souvenir shops to seedy sex shops. Luckily, other streets [...]

Madrid Neighbourhoods: Chueca, Anything Goes!

Photo: hanging out in Chueca plaza It has become somewhat of a cliché over the years: neglected neighbourhood with bad name is adopted by gay community and turned hip ‘n’ happening (NYC’s Meatpacking District, or Athens’ Gazi area, to name just two). This is pretty much Chueca’s story too, once a blister on Madrid’s foot, [...]

Madrid Neighbourhoods: Malasaña – Still Putting the Mad in Madrid?

The mindless graffiti and affable goths seem a lukewarm legacy of La Movida Madrileña (the capital’s post-Franco wild years) which kicked off in Malasaña in the Seventies. However, some of Spain’s cultural revolutionaries (the ones who didn’t die of heroine overdoses) are still to be spotted slinking around the barrio, ensuring that the party spirit [...]

Madrid Neighbourhoods: Lavapiés… Going out, eating, drinking, and bohemian cool!

Lavapiés is the cultural melting pot and most bohemian barrio of central Madrid. It’s also one of the older Madrid neighborhoods, having been the Jewish quarter until their expulsion in 1492. On any given day you’ll run across African, Bengali, and Moroccan immigrants as well as twenty- and thirty-somethings with an alternative vibe. People go [...]

What are Tapas? Where is the best place for Tapas in Madrid?

A tapa is a little bit of food to have with your drink. There are several stories about the origin of tapas, but in my opinion, the main objective was clearly to avoid people getting too drunk while drinking wine or beer. This little bit of food can be anything from a small, hot plate [...]

Where can I watch the NFL and MLB in Madrid?

It’s Sunday, and with your head still ringing from last night’s marcha, all you really want is to flop in front of the TV and watch some sports. You reach for the remote control but then it hits you – you’re in Madrid. Where can you go to watch some good old American sports? The [...]

Taberna de Moncloa – Great Madrid Lunch, Young Crowd

I love a neighborhood bar with its requisite old men, antiquated decor, and dirty floor, but sometimes it’s refreshing when your neighborhood bar isn’t that way. So it goes with the Taberna de Moncloa — a place where owner Luis calls everyone jóven (youngster), regardless if that person is young or old, a long-time customer [...]

Great Madrid Traditions: Chocolate con Churros at Chocolatería San Ginés

Chocolate con churros is a quintessential Madrid treat, and a serving of both will usually only cost you around 3 or 4 Euros. This breakfast/late-night treat is served at cafeterías, chocolaterías and churrerías throughout the city. Thick and pudding-like, Spain’s chocolate is best enjoyed with churro sticks, whose fried ridges are engineered for dunking. Porras [...]

Conde Duque – Village life in the middle of Madrid

One of the more under-the-radar neighborhoods in the center of Madrid is what I like to call Conde Duque, the area between Malasaña to the east and Calle Princesa to the west. The barrio, which a friend of mine says feels “like a pueblo” (like a village) is perfect for an afternoon’s wandering: full of [...]

Pub Prada

If the name inspires visions of cashmere-clad beauties sipping White Russians, think again. The only kind of glamour Pub Prada exudes is that of a washed-up pimp, whose prime coincided with the death of Franco. Still, the place has a certain charm. The leatherette seats and the framed watercolours make for an atmosphere that’s half-American [...]