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Pink Sushi Man – Madrid Sushi Scene Improves!

I hate Sushi. My wife knows this, so she had to lie to get me here. Well, maybe not lie, but certainly not reveal our exact location until it was way too late to change the arrangements with friends. I wasn’t happy. Tricked into going to a restaurant where they only eat raw fish and [...]

Great Lunch – Sushi in Madrid

It’s lunchtime and you are in the mood for something besides the standard fare. If it’s sushi your after, head over to SushiOlé. Their menu is extensive, offering a number of appetizers and tempuras, as well as standard teriyaki chicken and steak entrees. But their specialty is the sushi. You can create your own rolls [...]

Xin: Pan-Asian Paradise in Madrid

While heaven might not look like Xin, I’m crossing my fingers that if I ever get there, the food will taste as good. I don’t have enough praise for this restaurant. While the decor and ambiance are distinctly average, the food is divine. For me, the steamed dumplings and tom-yum soup crown the starters menu. [...]

Underground Parking Lot Cult

Not owning a driving license, let alone a car, I was not planning on visiting any underground parking lot until my Asian friend pushed me down a flight of stairs on Plaza de España. The particularly unappealing walkway at the bottom actually leads past a couple of holes in the wall, one of which is [...]

Indian Restuarants in Madrid, by Rafe Jaffrey

Rafe Jaffrey has lived and worked in Madrid for over a decade, and is the best Indian cuisine chef in the city (I’ve eaten his food, so I know what I’m talking about!) If you want to try his food for yourself, he will happily cater for private dinner parties or professional events – contact [...]