101 Things to Do in Madrid (Before you Die…?!)

How To's / Where To's, Weird : Quirky : Fun

by Ben Curtis

I’m not sure you need to worry about the ‘before you die’ bit, but viviendomadrid.com has put together an interesting list of what you should get up to in the city…

Click here to go to the list in Spanish

If you want the hit and miss Google translate version (for example, no. 5 Riding a bike in the Retiro, becomes “Riding a Bike for Retirement” according to Google, click here to see it in English!

We’re not sure about no. “43. Empezar un pelea de bolas de nieve con un desconocido” – Start a snowball fight with a stranger. There are strangers a plenty in Madrid, but only a day or two every few years of snow!

What would you add to a ‘must do in Madrid’ list?