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El Rastro

This famous Sunday morning flea market, located next to La Latina, one of the oldest quarters of Madrid, has everything from clothes, bags and other paraphernalia, to the funny stalls dedicated to just one single thing: there is one, for example, that sells nothing but various shapes and sizes of elastic bands! One specific side [...]

Madrid Neighbourhoods: La Latina – Madrid at its Most Happening

You can think of La Latina as Lavapiés’ more stylish older sister. The neighborhood is one of the most lively in Madrid thanks to the combination of a high concentration of good tapas bars and a young, modern crowd. And it’s happening at about any time of the week. Sundays may be La Latina’s busiest [...]

La Latina Bars – some of our favourites…

We drew up a map this weekend to help show a group of friends around some of our favourite La Latina bars. This is one of the greatest barrios in Madrid for feasting on tapas – Cava Baja has around 40 bars alone! The map is available here below, and includes the following bars: Toma [...]

Taberna del Almendro – from Michael Carlin

Michael Carlin went to Spain on a Fulbright research grant 3 years ago. He was writing a dissertation on twelfth-century liturgical manuscripts from León, and despite going everywhere in Madrid, kept coming back to the Taberna del Almendro: I know of no more satisfying experience than the Taberna del Almendro at Calle del Almendro 13 [...]

¡Toma Jamon! – You don’t have to ask twice…

¡Toma Jamon!, the name of this favourite in La Latina, means ‘Eat Ham’. And that is exactly what I do when I’m there, from the moment I get through the door, until the bottle of wine is finished and we head on elsewhere. Ask for the house Crianza, I think it’s Rioja, but who cares [...]