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Madrid Neighbourhoods: Chueca, Anything Goes!

Photo: hanging out in Chueca plaza It has become somewhat of a cliché over the years: neglected neighbourhood with bad name is adopted by gay community and turned hip ‘n’ happening (NYC’s Meatpacking District, or Athens’ Gazi area, to name just two). This is pretty much Chueca’s story too, once a blister on Madrid’s foot, [...]

I have to go to this bar!

What fun! Apparently it’s called El Cisne Azul, specialises in wild mushrooms and impromptu opera madness, and is located at Calle Gravina 19 (map).

Need some cheap consumer electronics?

Another one that may be more useful for new residents than visitors to Madrid, but certainly worth knowing about! The Calle Barquillo is all about cheap TVs, stereos, microphones, DJ equipment, video cameras, mp3 players… just about anything you could want to watch, listen to or record with at home is here. There a are [...]

Restaurante Marsot – Typically Fine Family Fare

Will places like this still exist in 10, 20 or 30 years time? Family run, a little rough round the edges, good old-fashioned food – already these ‘typical’ mesones are increasingly rare in Madrid, and you’ll have to get here early (pre-2pm) or late (post-3pm) to get a seat on a weekday lunchtime. The 10 [...]

Nothing beats a Vermouth in the sun!

…especially in February. Although you have to be very careful with drinking Vermouth before lunch, especially the good stuff like this, straight from the tap with a little added fizz. And even more so when followed by a bit of Rioja with your menu del dia… So, if you do come to the Antigua Casa [...]

Katie Goldstein on El Tigre

Katie Goldstein is a recent college graduate who teaches English to public school kids by day and writes about her beloved Madrid by night. Check out her excellent blog, España Profunda, on the city and what lies beyond. We asked Katie to recommend one of her favourite Madrid haunts, and she sent us details of [...]

Why I love eating at Momo

There are two things I occasionally miss amongst the wonders of Spanish cuisine: a good sauce and enough chips. Now Spanish meat is fantastic, and best served alone, so that you can savour its wonderful taste, but that is also the problem: it is often just too lonely on that plate. I like the occasional [...]