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El Rastro

This famous Sunday morning flea market, located next to La Latina, one of the oldest quarters of Madrid, has everything from clothes, bags and other paraphernalia, to the funny stalls dedicated to just one single thing: there is one, for example, that sells nothing but various shapes and sizes of elastic bands! One specific side [...]

An Evening on the Terrazas

The weather in Madrid has taken a turn towards summer and streets throughout the city have sprouted terrazas. You can surely find a sunny spot for a drink and a snack near your apartment or hotel, but there are two streets in Madrid that truly are prime for dining and drinking al fresco. Starting at [...]

When and Where to Eat Cocido Madrileño

Cocido is a very filling stew, especially recommended for cold winter days, or for when you have been toiling away in the open air and need to get some of your energies back. It is usually served in two stages. The first consists of a broth, straight from a large pan where all the stew’s [...]

Battle of the Brunches: Part I

Since the demise of the much-loved Bluefish a couple of years ago, the word ‘brunch’ in Madrid has become synonymous with mounting gloom. Take Café Oliver, for instance. Michelin-starred, and charging 24€ for their offering, it would be natural to expect from them something in the region of culinary delight. Forget it. I’ve been twice. [...]

Pink Sushi Man – Madrid Sushi Scene Improves!

I hate Sushi. My wife knows this, so she had to lie to get me here. Well, maybe not lie, but certainly not reveal our exact location until it was way too late to change the arrangements with friends. I wasn’t happy. Tricked into going to a restaurant where they only eat raw fish and [...]

Out-of-hours Madrid: Part II – Eating

Madrileños, to an only slightly lesser degree than their compatriots, can display a frustrating tendency to act like sheep in their daily lives. Very few shops open between 14:30 and 17:00; and if you need/want to lunch before 13:30 or after 16:00, you’re pretty much limited to McDonald’s. There are some exceptions, however. If you [...]

Where to eat a good Fabada in Madrid? … and other Asturian delights.

When it’s cold in Madrid, nothing revives you like a good Fabada, the thick Asturian bean stew with chorizo, ham and morcilla (black pudding). Here are my three favourite Asturian restaurants to sample a great Fabada, as well as other Asturian delights: Casa Portal: This is a friendly and traditional restaurant, not far from the [...]

La Sal: A Post-Park or Prado Treat

What better to follow a vigorous walk in Madrid’s Retiro than a glass of good wine and a selection of delicious tapas? The barrio to the east of the park is replete with eating options but (if you don’t have the heart or wallet for the Ritz) you’d be forgiven for thinking that the area [...]

Yerbabuena: Inventive vegetarian cuisine in Madrid

As mentioned in a previous post, eating vegetarian in Madrid is a fool’s errand or a compelling challenge, depending on how you look at it. There are many establishments that throw ham into every single dish and a large contingent of madrileños that don’t consider fish or seafood to be meat. But there are some [...]

Natural Foods in Madrid

A Spanish friend of mine calls herself a vegetarian. But, she says, “I make an exception for jamón.” There you have it: it can be a little tough to be a true vegetarian in this country. In Madrid, though, life is not so bad for those who seek vegetarian-friendly shops or restaurants. First, you’ve got [...]

Great Lunch – Sushi in Madrid

It’s lunchtime and you are in the mood for something besides the standard fare. If it’s sushi your after, head over to SushiOlé. Their menu is extensive, offering a number of appetizers and tempuras, as well as standard teriyaki chicken and steak entrees. But their specialty is the sushi. You can create your own rolls [...]

Great American Burgers in Madrid!

Check out the Guia del Ocio in search of a good restaurant and you’ll find all manner of cuisines – creative, imaginative, fusion, modern. But sometimes the best things are the simplest. Flawlessly baked cookies, a well-mixed cocktail, and a perfectly made burger. I can’t help you with the first two, but if what you [...]

Xin: Pan-Asian Paradise in Madrid

While heaven might not look like Xin, I’m crossing my fingers that if I ever get there, the food will taste as good. I don’t have enough praise for this restaurant. While the decor and ambiance are distinctly average, the food is divine. For me, the steamed dumplings and tom-yum soup crown the starters menu. [...]

Taberna de Moncloa – Great Madrid Lunch, Young Crowd

I love a neighborhood bar with its requisite old men, antiquated decor, and dirty floor, but sometimes it’s refreshing when your neighborhood bar isn’t that way. So it goes with the Taberna de Moncloa — a place where owner Luis calls everyone jóven (youngster), regardless if that person is young or old, a long-time customer [...]

Underground Parking Lot Cult

Not owning a driving license, let alone a car, I was not planning on visiting any underground parking lot until my Asian friend pushed me down a flight of stairs on Plaza de España. The particularly unappealing walkway at the bottom actually leads past a couple of holes in the wall, one of which is [...]