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Underground Parking Lot Cult

Not owning a driving license, let alone a car, I was not planning on visiting any underground parking lot until my Asian friend pushed me down a flight of stairs on Plaza de España. The particularly unappealing walkway at the bottom actually leads past a couple of holes in the wall, one of which is [...]

Ojalá - the best kept secret lunch in Madrid?

In bygone centuries I would have been sainted for my altruism, because I’m going to let you into one of Madrid’s best culinary secrets: the menu del día at Ojalá. The restaurant itself (along with its sisters in La Latina and upper Malasaña) is well known for its innovative tapas; but the lunch menu [...]

Avoid: Eating and drinking in the Plaza Mayor

The view might be pretty special, but the food served up on the terraces of the Plaza Mayor is far from it… It’s ridiculously expensive, low-quality, and loveless. Save your money and check out some of the great places for lunch near the Plaza Mayor, or wander five minutes down the road to the wonderful [...]

El Inti de Oro: Peruvian heaven

A while ago a colleague recommended El Inca (C/ Ruiz). The food was acceptable but expensive, and as I seem to recall, slightly overcooked. So Peruvian cuisine wasn’t on my radar when I stumbled across El Inti de Oro. Which was an entirely different matter.
My friend and I opted for the 20€ dinner menu, which [...]

Great Menu del Dia Lunch near the Plaza Mayor

Everyone who decides to have lunch in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor soon discovers that they have made a huge mistake. The Menu del Dia (lunchtime set menu) is far too expensive and usually not all that good. Walk a few minutes in any direction however, and you are likely to be far better off. My personal [...]

Sri Lankan food in Madrid: Good Asian food at last!

What, did someone mention good Asian food in Madrid? Surely not? Oh yes, it’s true my friends, at last we have found somewhere to eat really fine Asian cuisine in the capital. We know that the Indian restaurants in Madrid aren’t up to much, and I’m still looking to find a decent place that serves [...]

Reminder to self: 2 restaurants to write about

1. The Chinese Restaurant Buen Gusto has been highly recommended as a cut above the rest. At Paseo Santa Maria de la Cabeza 60 (map). Tel: 91 530 50 62
2. La Copita Asturiana is one of the best old-style Asturian restaurants in Madrid and I need to get back soon! Calle Tabernillas 13. Tel: 913 [...]

8 years and still the favourite: La Taberna Miranda

It’s not the most ‘authentic’, rustic taberna in town, it hasn’t got the trendiest food (or clientele), and the service could be a little politer, yet after all these years in Madrid, given a choice I’d far rather eat in the Taverna Miranda (Plaza del Conde de Miranda 4, map/details).
I was there for lunch on [...]

Restaurante Marsot - Typically Fine Family Fare

Will places like this still exist in 10, 20 or 30 years time? Family run, a little rough round the edges, good old-fashioned food - already these ‘typical’ mesones are increasingly rare in Madrid, and you’ll have to get here early (pre-2pm) or late (post-3pm) to get a seat on a weekday lunchtime. The 10 [...]

Indian Restuarants in Madrid, by Rafe Jaffrey

Rafe Jaffrey has lived and worked in Madrid for over a decade, and is the best Indian cuisine chef in the city (I’ve eaten his food, so I know what I’m talking about!) If you want to try his food for yourself, he will happily cater for private dinner parties or professional events - contact [...]

Why I love eating at Momo

There are two things I occasionally miss amongst the wonders of Spanish cuisine: a good sauce and enough chips. Now Spanish meat is fantastic, and best served alone, so that you can savour its wonderful taste, but that is also the problem: it is often just too lonely on that plate. I like the occasional [...]