Great Lunch – Sushi in Madrid

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by Amy Menchhofer

Sushing, Madrid

It’s lunchtime and you are in the mood for something besides the standard fare. If it’s sushi your after, head over to SushiOlé. Their menu is extensive, offering a number of appetizers and tempuras, as well as standard teriyaki chicken and steak entrees. But their specialty is the sushi. You can create your own rolls with ingredients like squid, avocado, and teriyaki chicken, or you can pick one of their “sushi fusion” rolls – such as the Manzanita made of eel, green apple, crab’s eggs, and cream cheese. The prices for the ala carte offerings are on the expensive side, but the menu del día can more than adequately quiet that midday sushi craving.

For just 9.90€ you get an appetizer, sushi roll, dessert or coffee, and a drink. Among the appetizers, the delicias niponas – mini spring rolls filled with chicken, vegetables, red curry, and coconut milk – are an outstanding, and nicely spicy, choice. All four of the sushi roll options are excellent, although admittedly some have a more Spanish flavor, with ingredients such as fried pork. Dessert options are limited; choose the green tea instead.

The dining room is small and can fill up at lunch time as the menu del día is only good until 3:30. Service is attentive and cordial and they offer a decent take-away service. You can place your order at the bar while you have a drink and watch the master sushi chef at work. And perhaps you’ll get inspired to make your own sushi – plans are in the work for a well-stocked Japanese market.

You’ll find SushiOlé at the corner of General Oraa and Francisco Silvela, Metro Diego de Leon. See map below:

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