Need some cheap consumer electronics?

Chueca, How To's / Where To's, Shopping in Madrid

by Ben Curtis

Calle Barquillo

Another one that may be more useful for new residents than visitors to Madrid, but certainly worth knowing about! The Calle Barquillo is all about cheap TVs, stereos, microphones, DJ equipment, video cameras, mp3 players… just about anything you could want to watch, Calle Barquillolisten to or record with at home is here. There a are a couple of high-end hi-fi places that will still sell you a 1000 Euro record turntable, but essentially this is all about bargains.

For every electronic knick-knack under the sun (speaker cable, headphone splitters, disco lights, bizzare plugs and adapters ad infinitum) check out Electronica Lila at no. 35 (map) – if they can’t find the peripheral what-not you are looking for, forget about getting it anywhere else in Madrid.