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Surviving Madrid’s Prado Museum, Part 1 - Intro

Warning: this post may offend Prado evangelists and/or defenders of its untouchable status.
Right, the Prado. Without a doubt, this is Madrid’s business card for art lovers – or any bus load of tourists, really. Known throughout the world as a must-visit, the museum contains a wide array of paintings up until the 18th century, with […]

Art from Banks

Banks in Spain actively promote the arts and this is something you can take advantage of. Perhaps in an effort to improve their image as mean and filthy rich, Spanish banks work actively on social responsibility — from constructing old folks’ centers to promoting energy conservation or other social causes.
This obra social and obra cultural […]

Where to see Cinema in English in Madrid

If you’re anything like me you can’t stand watching a dubbed film. Nearly all foreign films that arrive in Spain are dubbed, allowing the audience to sit back and pretend that the film actually is in Spanish, even though the voices are all off and the lips moving don’t match up with the sound.
But fear […]

Madrid Tango Dancing Time Warp - La Milonga del Centro

I have never attended any dance class in my entire life, so what in the world would I be doing at a tango salon? Tango not even being español… shouldn’t we be going to a flamenco joint?
Those were the sentiments that I entered Casa de Guadalajara with, dragged along by friends who had, years ago, […]

Conde Duque - Village life in the middle of Madrid

One of the more under-the-radar neighborhoods in the center of Madrid is what I like to call Conde Duque, the area between Malasaña to the east and Calle Princesa to the west. The barrio, which a friend of mine says feels “like a pueblo” (like a village) is perfect for an afternoon’s wandering: full of […]

Art House Cinema in Madrid - Cine Doré

Cine Doré is a uniquely nostalgic place in Madrid to watch films ranging from silent gems to modern globe-spanning festival winners. The cinema, constructed in 1923, underwent extensive restoration from 1982 to 1989 and today is kept busy with offerings from the Filmoteca Española (national film library). It offers cinephiles a café, bookstore, and affordable, […]

Noche en Blanco on September 22nd

According to Damian Corrigan at, Noche en Blanco “is an all-night cultural extravaganza which takes place on one night each September (in 2007 it will take place on the night of September 22). Everything is free of charge and the city puts on 24 hour public transport to make getting between events easier.”
As well […]

NYT does about turn on Madrid, now it’s hip!

OK, so two different authors and two different opinions, but recently one New York Times article caused great resentment in comments left on this blog, for calling Madrid the “provincial, sleepy sister to Barcelona”. That was barely two months ago, in which time the city has evidently undergone a pretty amazing transformation:
“Once the dowdy sister […]

Too LeCool for us

LeCool is a weekly email newsletter dedicated to pointing out the leCoolest things going on in Madrid - exhibitions, film, parties, theartre… only two things to point out: 1) It’s in Spanish, 2) It’s almost too leCool for its own good! Nice graphics though…