How to Get a Job Teaching English in Madrid

How To's / Where To's

by Katie Goldstein

The easiest way for an English-speaking expat to earn a living in this city is to teach English. There’s always demand for teachers—it’s up to you how you decide to market yourself.

There are two main routes you can take to becoming an English teacher: freelancing, where you pick your classes and schedule, or working in academies or language schools, where you’re guaranteed a certain amount of job (and income) stability.

If you choose to go freelance, put an ad up on Loquo (pick “classes” and then “languages”) and don’t forget to mention that you’re a native. You can also investigate the classifieds in InMadrid or any other English-language publication. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to put up an ad in any of the English-language bookshops around town. As for rates: aim high, but keep with the going rate. Ask around to get a feel for how much people are charging.

If you go the academy/language schools route, Madrid Teacher is a great resource. There’s a list of many of the city’s academies and then pretty reliable reviews of some of them. The site is full of resources for teachers (freelance, too!), so definitely spend a while looking around.

If you’re North American, there’s one more option for teaching English in Madrid: the auxiliar program. Here you’re not a full-time teacher, instead you work in the public schools helping the English teachers. And since you only work part-time as an auxiliar, you’ll have plenty of free time to pick up some private classes and earn yourself some more money!


Comment from Marian Kelly
Date: July 26, 2008, 11:33 pm

I have a Masters in teaching English and I have a first class honours degree in business and languages (Spanish and German). I would love to teach in Madrid. Me encanta Madrid.