The Things You Miss: Expat Goods in Madrid

Shopping in Madrid

by Richard Morley

The Things You MissSpanish food is wonderful. Well, except for callos (tripe)! Which is what I think King Juan Carlos was actually complaining about. “¿Por qué no tienen callos?” is what I am sure he was saying as a comment on Señor Chavez’s hospitality. But we can’t all share regal tastes! And sometimes we British don’t always want to eat Spanish.

We may have lived here years, but some memories never leave us. Is it Marmite, Horlicks or HP Sauce you suddenly get the urge to taste again? How about some Branston Pickle? PG Tips? Maynards Wine gums? But you will search the shelves of El Cortes Inglés in vain. There are just some things you miss.

There is a solution. It’s a shop called, wait for it, … The Things You Miss.

Sitting on the corner of Calle Juan de Austria and Calle Raimundo Lulio, not far from the Plaza de Olavide, this tiny shop sells all those wonderful things you haven’t had for ages or pester friends and relatives to pack in their suitcases when they visit. It’s not quite Arkwright’s Emporium, and it’s not open all hours, just normal Madrid times, but its shelves display not just longed for goodies, but also memories from that other life you once led. Golly, they even had Barret’s Sherbert Fountains!

And just to show how wonderful it really is, even the Spanish shop there!

(Ed. note: And if what you’re craving is American products–from Reese’s to brown sugar to cake mixes and even bagels, head to The American Store or Taste of America.)

Metro: Bilbao, Iglesia, Quevedo Address: C/ Juan de Austria, 11 Phone: 91 447 0785 Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00; Saturday 10:00-14:00.

See map below for store location:

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Comment from Jules
Date: April 3, 2008, 1:23 pm

Richard: I am pleased to say that I wouldn’t miss any of the UK examples of food (well maybe Branston pickle after a year or two). One basic commodity that do I miss from the UK is good wholemeal bread. Universally available in the UK but not so easy to find in Spain – I’m talking about the freshly baked variety – not pre-packed.

Comment from Katie
Date: April 3, 2008, 5:13 pm

A number of panaderías sell “pan de molde” (loaves) of pan integral, 7 grain, and the like. Try La Tahona de Magallanes on Santa Engracía around the corner from Plaza Olavide, for example. If not, try any natural foods store.