Madrid: Fancy Flamenco?

3 December, 2007 (10:00) | Culture

by Faye Davies

If my knowledge of flamenco (and pockets) were deeper, I’d be using this space to give you a concise and comprehensive review of Madrid’s tablaos (flamenco joints). As it is, this post is going to be more of a call for comparison. I’m hoping my ignorance will ruffle the feathers of some Andalusian culture vulture, who’ll spring forth and give us the lowdown…

Personally, I’ve only visited two of Madrid’s flamenco venues: Las Carboneras and El Corral de la Morería (see video above). The latter, as it’s fond of telling you, is the oldest tablao in Madrid, and a firm favourite with Hollywood stars. The décor is traditional, bordering on the twee; the costumes might be described as the same. Las Carboneras aims to be more hip, with a low stage and understated outfits. But both places offer essentially the same thing: dinner followed by an hour-long show. And both feature big stars.

Big prices too. A dinner performance will set you back around 75€. Better to opt for a very early or very late show and forgo the unspectacular food. 25€ (one drink included) is still steep for what you get; but if you yearn to see flamenco dancing in Madrid, Burger King is open until 1:30am.

See websites for programmes and contact details: Las Carboneras (Plazuela del Conde de Miranda, 1); El Corral de la Morería (Calle de la Morería, 17).

See map below for locations (ed. I’ve added Casa Patas):

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Comment from Ben
Date: December 3, 2007, 2:04 pm

Casa Patas, at, is good too - I went years ago, and loved it.

Comment from marina
Date: December 3, 2007, 8:50 pm

I agree with Faye, skip the food and go directly to the show.
I ate in Casa Patas once and the food was nothing special at all (more or less like a cheap menu del día) and for the same price you can have a delicious supper somewhere else.

Comment from Angela
Date: December 3, 2007, 11:02 pm

I wouldn’t claim to be an expert either, but last night I went to La Tablas (Pl España) and it seemed like a pretty good show. I got the tickets on for 11 euros, and the show wnet on for about 2.5 hours.

Comment from Pamela H
Date: December 20, 2007, 9:41 pm

El corral isn’t the worst of a bunch of rip-off joints (most of the women dancing in these tablaos earn about 35 Euros a night and are totally fed up of their jobs), but Las Carboneras is definitely the best. WhY? Becasue it’s run by the women who dance there (and owned by a lovely Australian woman). I wouldn’t even bother with the rest.

And yes, you should avoid the dinner - total tourist trap. They charge 28 Euros for a show, with a drink included.

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