Bodega Santa Cecilia – Where to buy wine in Madrid

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by Katie Goldstein

Bodega Santa Cecilia

Like to drink? Know someone who does? Then you should probably get to know Bodega Santa Cecilia. You won’t be sorry you did. The Bodega is essentially your one-stop alcohol shop. And more.

Basically, it’s a very classy wine store, which also sells all kinds (literally) of liquors and liqueurs, mixers (including cranberry juice!), beers from around the world (sold by the bottle), and gourmet foodstuffs (from ibéricos and cheeses, to fancy Italian pasta, fine chocolates, olive oil, and non-perishable canned and bottled items). You can even buy high-class water, if that’s your thing.

What makes Santa Cecilia worth visiting is that the collection, especially in Spanish wines, is incredibly thorough. I’ve gone there in search of wine for gifts for people back in the States and even an inexpensive bottle to bring to a party in Madrid. The employees don’t hesitate to help you find a wine, even if it’s clear you don’t have much of an idea of what you’re talking about.

An added bonus to going is that they’re usually doing tastings and have some sort of food to sample. Wine prices range from under three euros to over 5,000 euros for one of their bottles of French wine.

Open Monday through Saturday from 10.00 to 21.00
Metro: Islas Filipinas or Moncloa. Calle Blasco de Garay, 74. See map below:

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