De Madrid al Cielo – Remember to look up!

Travel tips

by Ben Curtis

Madrid Skyscrapers

There is no doubt that Madrid is getting taller. Just look at the photo above, taken from the hills below El Escorial. For a long time the Torre Picasso was the biggest skyscraper on the block, but 4 new upstarts have recently arrived in the north of the city. Set to be the tallest skyscrapers in Spain, together they make up the new business park known as the Cuatro Torres Business Area, built on what was previously the controversial Ciudad Deportiva, a training ground owned by Real Madrid football club. The Torre Repsol comes out on top, at 250 m.

Meanwhile, if you are walking around central Madrid, don’t forget to look up. “De Madrid al Cielo” (From Madrid to the Heavens) is a popular city motto, and a reminder that some of the most beautiful architecture is actually not at ground level. Take this example on the corner of Gran Via and Alcala (map) for example:

Metropolis, Madrid

The 1911 Metropolis rooftop dome is admittedly fairly easy to spot, but keep your eyes on the skies as you wander around the old city centre, and you’ll find there is plenty more where that came from!