The Value of Quality Content in Video Marketing

Video Marketing: Content is King

quality-content-in-video-marketingOnline content marketing has evolved into different strategies and one of the strategies that evolved is video marketing. Video marketing has that appeal that is engaging to the target audience because visuals like pictures and videos can elicit more response than just mere text.

Videos even have the ability to be easily picked up by Google and published on the first page of the Google search results. Since many companies are slowly but surely moving towards producing their video, the competition will definitely get tougher. It’s not just being able to put up a video on a website or publishing that video on YouTube. A site owner must now be able to produce content that is of good quality and follow the best practices for video published by Google.

Even during the article marketing strategy days of online content marketing, content is always king. There are a lot of articles and copies proliferated around the web just for the sake of increasing the rank in Google but Google found a way to sort out the bad copies and the quality written ones. Sooner or later Google will develop an algorithm that will be able to sort out the content of a bad video or a quality produced video.

The production cost is not an issue; the issue is the quality of the content of videos. The video has to be relevant to what the site is marketing or just plain relevant to site. If the site is talking about a plumbing service, the video has to contain the topic of the plumbing service and the script has to contain the relevant keywords. This is already happening on YouTube. YouTube is actually listening to the videos and is cross referencing keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags to rank videos on the site.

Content relevance and search relevance keywords are the best strategies that can be implemented in today’s video marketing approach. Don’t just post a video of an affiliate company just for the sake of posting a video on the site; make sure that the video being posted has in some way relevance to the site.

Always remember that content is king because in the end, Google will always choose quality over quantity.